Our Programs

We offer two standard programs for goalkeepers, based on their age and experience, and can develop custom programs on request. Contact us to discuss the appropriate program for your situation.

You can preview our programs by watching a video recorded during an actual session.

Junior Program

We have a separate program for younger, less experienced goalkeepers because they have different physical, psychological and technical needs than elite players. Goalkeepers at this level are guided with emphasis on technical perfection, proper fundamentals and the beginnings of tactical awareness.

Ages: 10+
Tuition: $175 (per eight-week session, one session per week)

Elite Program

This program is designed for players 15 or older who have mastered the technical aspects of the position and are ready for the intensive demands of international training standards. This training is the most advanced available anywhere in the world and is open to college-bound, collegiate and current professional-level goalkeepers only.

Ages: 15+
Tuition: $350 (per eight-week session, two sessions per week)